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Fiber Optic Fundamentals and Installation Techniques

Target audience

The program Fiber Optic Fundamentals and Installation Techniques is designed for new or experienced personnel seeking a deeper understanding of the installation of fiber optic cabling systems.  This course is excellent for anyone involved in the construction, commercial, industrial, or utility markets and anyone who designs, installs, or maintains fiber optic cabling systems.


Candidates for this course do not have to have any prior knowledge or experience in the areas of fiber optics and telecommunication.


After completion of this course, candidates will be able to

  • layout, install or maintain fiber optic cabling systems
  • demonstrate a practical knowledge of fiber optic theory, codes, standards and installation practices
  • perform industry standard fiber optic terminations
  • prepare cables for inside and outdoor applications
  • perform fusion splicing and splice tray termination


Instructor-led hands-on training. This couse can be organized in our facilities or at the customer (in-house).  Minimum group size is four, maximum group size is eight.  The spoken language can be either English, Dutch or French.  Course materials and documentation are in English or French.

Duration: 2 days - Price: on demand.

Please contact us for quotation and detailed information.